How to Send Financial Data to Your Accountant (old version)

Note: This text applies to the old offline version of Solar Accounts. If you are using Solar Accounts Online (available since 2015), see this page instead.

You may need to send your financial data to your accountant at least once a year to prepare your tax return. The easiest way to do this is to have your accountant install Solar Accounts and then you can email your entire business data file to him or her. For details of how to send a file by email, click here. Your accountant will view your accounts, and if necessary make corrections and email an updated data file back to you.

Note that your Solar Accounts business data file is the one you normally select when you click 'Open Existing File'. It is normally located in your 'Documents' folder.

Sending Financial Data to Accountant

Why Should My Accountant Use Solar Accounts?

It's simpler to email a single file, rather than multiple report spreadsheets
It reduces your accounting costs, because your accountant doesn't have to manually type data into his or her computer system
Your accountant can easily make changes to your file if necessary
Your accountant has access to all your financial data in one place

What if My Accountant Can't Use Solar Accounts?

If your accountant can't use Solar Accounts for any reason, you can still send your financial data to him or her. To do this, click menu Window > Reports, then select each of the following reports and export it to a spreadsheet:
  • Profit and Loss Report for the financial year
  • Balance Sheet as of end of the financial year
  • Nominal Ledger for the financial year
  • Trial Balance as of end of the financial year
Note that the report dates can be edited by clicking the 'Configure' button next to the report title.

To export a report to a spreadsheet, click menu File > Export To > Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. For details of how to send these spreadsheet files by email, click here.