What do our users think of Solar Accounts?

We love getting feedback from users. Here are some of the comments we have received:
The simplicity of the bank reconciliation nearly brought tears to my eyes! Simple enough for anyone to grasp.
— Lesley Bulbeck, Business Advisor, Clackmannanshire Council
Solar Accounts is simple, effective and does the job I need - I am really impressed with it. If I can use it and work it out to some degree then anybody can.
— John Warrington, Invision Broadcast Media Ltd
This is doing exactly what I need. It's easy to enter data and nowhere near as time consuming as other applications I have tried.
— David Coldrick, TransMeta Solutions
Solar Accounts is incredibly easy to use and it does exactly, EXACTLY what I want it to do without complications. Thank you!
— John Thompson from Bolehall, Staffordshire
Solar Accounts seems to be a perfect accounting package for my needs. It could be the best-kept secret in accounting software!
— Adam Robertson, Transform Consulting
I've just started my own company and without this software I would be truly lost. It's easy to use and very user friendly - thank you.
— Criss Jones, Smiley Faces
Today we discovered Solar Accounts and it is so close to what we are after it is almost as though we wrote it ourselves.
— Dick Makin, Dick Makin Imaging
Love the program – our accounts department would be lost without it.
— Heather Lucas, Golden Tickets
Solar Accounts works really well for our cash based company. The support is superb – I would recommend this program to anyone looking for an easy-to-use accounts package.
— Debra Steadman, R.S Contracting Ltd
I absolutely love this software as it is perfect for small businesses – not too heavy or cumbersome.
— Johan Franks, Jopen Laptop Repairs
Stands head and shoulders above the competition - I'd be completely lost without Solar Accounts.
— Helen Melhuish, Shiny Learning
What a relief to finally install Solar Accounts and have something attractive, fast and easy to use. Yours is the only package designed to actually BE used. It's excellent.
— Chris Eardley, Absmax Web Design