How to Credit a Customer Account

If a customer returns faulty goods or you wish to credit their account for any other reason, you need to create a credit note. This credit note can later be allocated to a sale or paid out as a refund.

The simplest way to create a credit note is to edit an existing invoice and click More Options > Copy To Credit Note. (f you want to create an credit note that doesn't relate to an existing invoice in Solar Accounts click menu File > New > Credit Note). The Credit Note window will appear:

Credit Note

Enter the details of the credit note into the following fields:

Once you've entered the credit note details, click OK to save it. The credit note will appear in the Invoices list (accessible by clicking menu Window > Invoices). You can print the credit note by selecting it in the list and clicking menu File > Print.

Once you've created a credit note, you should pay a refund or allocate the credit to an invoice.