Desktop Users: Upgrade To Solar Accounts Online

Submit VAT returns directly to HM Revenue & Customs as required by new Making Tax Digital rules. Only £25 + VAT per month.

Screenshot of Solar Accounts Online login screen

Benefits of Upgrading

We've been hard at work adding features to Solar Accounts Online since ending developing the desktop version in 2014

How To Upgrade

Set up your online account with your existing data in just 10 minutes

Step 1: Note the name and folder of your existing business data file

Run your existing copy of Solar Accounts and click 'Open Existing File', then note the name and location of your business data file:

Screenshot of Select File page
Step 2: Download and install Solar Accounts Online

Click here to go to the download page for Solar Accounts Online.

Screenshot of Installation Program
Step 3: Create a new online user account

Run Solar Accounts Online and enter your personal information:

Screenshot of New User page
Step 4: Select 'Import From Existing File'

Then select the file you noted in Step 1:

Screenshot showing new business options
Step 5: Check your business data

Solar Acounts Online looks very similar to the offline version. Check that it now contains the same data. You should also click menu Tools > User Activity to check it contains the latest activity:

Screenshot showing main window of Solar Accounts Online

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