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Solar Accounts is a simple accounting software package designed for self-employed individuals and small business. 

Truly Simple Software
All accounting products claim to be easy to use, but ours really is. Try it for yourself.
Outstanding Support
Friendly and expert staff answer most questions within one day by email or our online forum.
Get paid faster
By tracking who owes you money and producing professional invoices and statements.

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"Without this software I would be truly lost. Very user friendly!"
— Criss Jones, Smiley Faces
"Thanks for creating a superb little accounting package!"
— David Coldrick, TransMeta Solutions
"Stands head and shoulders above the competition."
— Helen Melhuish, Shiny Learning
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ICB Accredited

Our accounting software is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

Common Questions

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How do I track changes in my stock level with Solar Accounts?

Is it possible to change the default rate of VAT in Solar Accounts?

How do I pay a customer refund using this accounting software?

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New Features

Solar Accounts can now create invoices with an automatic repeating schedule.