How to Prepare a VAT Return

Solar Accounts can calculate the figures you should use on your VAT return. To do this, click Tools > Prepare VAT Return. Enter the VAT reporting period and click next:

VAT return window

Note: You can see how these figures are derived by viewing the 'VAT Return Detail' report in the reports list.

If you are completing a paper return, copy the figures shown on screen to your form. If you are completing an online return, cut and paste the figures to your web page.

Click Next; you will be prompted to print the VAT Return Detail report for that period. This report shows all the transactions that affect the VAT return - click Yes to print the report.

If there is a non-zero figure in Box 5 of the VAT return, you will be prompted to record the payment to (or from) HM Revenue and Customs. Check the box and click 'Finish' to record this payment:

VAT payment window