How to Share Financial Data With Your Accountant or Colleague

Solar Accounts Online allows any number of users to access the same business data for no extra charge

Step 1

Log into Solar Accounts and click 'Sharing' from the Setup menu. Then click "Click here to grant access to another user".

Step 2

Solar Accounts will generate a sharing code like the one shown below. Give this code to your accountant or colleague.

Sample sharing code
Step 3

If your accountant or colleague is new to Solar Accounts, he/she should download and run Solar Accounts as described on our download page, then create new user account. (Otherwise he/she should log in and click menu File > New > Business)

Step 4

Your accountant or colleague should click 'Access a Shared Business', then enter the sharing code you provided in Step 2:

Click access a shared business

Your accountant or colleague will then have full access to all features of the software.

To revoke your colleague's permission to access your data, click Setup > Sharing, then select your colleague's name and click the 'Revoke' button at the bottom of the list.